LA VIE SANS AIR, LES FILS DU GRAND BLEU, 90 mn doco on free diving

10 years of shoot with world class free divers, a story of five lives, 5 of the best, stephane mifsud, pierre frolla, guillaume nery, herbert nitsch & loic leferme. produced by christophe jarreau @ gedeon communications

the day we showed the movie in the movie theater

the flyer & invite for our screening
our first prize in the mediteranea film festival

me (left), my producer christophe jarreau (right)

pierre frolla one of the 5

free diver francine kreis photographed me in the the big bleu in the 

INDIA (52mn doc.for CANAL +) (dec 2007)

This documentary will be broadcast on French chanel CANAL+ in 2008 in "les nouveaux explorateurs" collection.

Produced by BONNE PIOCHE who produced the famous "la marche de l'empereur"

With JEROME DELAFOSSE, we spent 4 weeks shooting in India, where we met fishermen. Got sick, got hot, got cold, but hopefully also got lots of cool images of Jerome interacting with all those beautifull indians from Calcuta to Cochin, Kerala, to Rameswaram to Puri to Gopalpur....

Shoot with a SONY Z1 and amazing CENTURY OPTICS X2 and WIDE ANGLE plus mat box and bunch of filters, learn a lot from DOP CHRISTOPHE GRAILLOT & VALLENTIN CARON those two guys gave me all their little secrets so on this job i felt like a DOP with all my gears... thanks... Currently editing... until end of January 2008, in a "curry free" environment.... with CHARLENE GRAVEL


KOOP is a cool band, doing some electro jazz, I was so happy when GUY TREZIVE (manager) sent me the track to do the music video. I knew this is a rare opportunity to get some good stuff out...

The smallest budget i ever worked with but its ok... Really cool shoot, with the new P2 from Panasonic.

2 days.... with great crew, and beautiful light from D.O.P CHRISTOPHE GRAILLOT. and 2 other days alone in the park to do the nature shots. We had a very free & creative shoot... this is when this job makes sense, when everybody's work bound for the making of a film... i love this project. You can see the film here

the "big crew" is out...

we used lite panels and neon

Christophe was doing the light at the same time i was shooting beautiful MIA JACOB. We worked with Christophe for so long that we don't really speak on a shoot, just enjoy each other presence and make the best out of it.


One year shoot with two P2, some nice century lenses, and home made crane, and crazy helium ballon... from SOULCAM (check it out really, its amazing this ballon) flying up to 150 m of altitude. A year of filming all the magics and secrets of CHATEAU LATOUR; one of the world best wine.

D.O.P. CHRISTOPHE GRAILLOT, first assistant LUC CATANIA, also featuring as an actor in KOOP music video

Produced by IMAGE & COMPAGNIE, we eat well, drink lots, learn even more... and spend some really good time with all the people from The Chateau. Big up also to AMELIE, GILLES, TOMTOM & TOTOF


produced by SAVE FERRIS. We shot 4 films for SALOMON in the french alps, with D.O.P VALENTIN CARON.
lots of fun and helicopter runs...with crazy pilot. Shot with PANASONIC VARICAM an P2, then transfer on 35mm neg for some 900 + movie theaters. It was a good opportunity to see how a P2 can look once transfered on film, not bad, but you can see the difference with the VARICAM. soon here


SAVE FERRIS & crew on the ice cap near MONT BLANC



SAVE FERIS (march 2007)

My first shoot in HDV with a mini pro 35. But we choose the Z1, and this was a mistake.... If you worry so much about your image to put a mini pro 35 on it... then take a CANON or JVC or a P2 but certainly not a Z1... I have to give credit to Sony for the camera, I used it a few time and its trully a cool camera... but I really hate the HDV format... too compressed to look good in FX.... even on a simple color corection.

The DOP BENJAMIN SEHAN did a great job. But most important this is my first project in a very long time with my old friend from SAVE FERIS... and since this catch back early this year we did 7 films includind 4 for SALOMON.

Benjamin and I with the Z1 with mini35


Jamaica comes to PARIS... BITTY with SLY & ROBBIE playing life for the first time in Paris. Funny to see those guys coming from so far away hometown Kingston...
I shot with JULIEN PEUBLE with two PD150.

and here all my reggae clips


Guillaume Bougard took me to Jamaica again for the making of BITTY MC LEAN new album.

This was my last job with dear PD150, (i got this camera in 2000 for the freediving film) so i guess 7 years is enough... Anyway...

Great chance to work again with SLY & ROBBIE and meet the man behind this incredible voice : BITTY... (we may go back in 2008 to make a "KINGSTON STYLE" music video....)

Its on this trip that TAXI GANG member nicknamed me "GREY CAP" since my face was always looking down to my camera view finder... the only thing they really saw of me was a Grey cap...

see some of it here

american photographer and friend WONDER KNACK shooting BITTY at the MARLEY STUDIO

BITTY in the streets of Kingston, Jamaica